• 51 Shaktipeeth at Ambaji

Kalighat Shakti Peeth to have been an uniqueness in Calcutta whereon Goddess Shakti’ right leg fingers fell subjects to Kalighat Kali Temple, intuitively. As history is concerned, Kalighat Temple was as a small hut, but the present temple was built by the Sabarna Roy Choudhury family of Barisha in 1809.  Here the idols are named as Kalika for Devi and Nakulish for Shiva.Offering  595 bighas of land to the Kali Temple, he with the very priority kept in mind to worship could be continued easily. Though, the entire breed of human bows down their head at Kalighat to pay patronage to the Goddess Kali Maa. Two saints-Brahmananda Giri and Atmaram Giri with the incredible hands crafted to the present dakshina Kali idol of touchstone. Interestingly, it was Padmabati Devi (the mother of Laksmikanta Roy Choudhury), discovered the fossils of Sati's finger in a lake called Kalikunda made Kalighat as one of the 51 Shakti Pithas.

Part of body : Right Leg Fingers

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