• 51 Shaktipeeth at Ambaji

Devi's left feet fell here and the idols are Devi as Bhramari (Bumblebee) and Shiva as Iswar (God). On the banks of Tista river in Shalbari village in Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal. According to Hindu mythology, there once lived an asura (demon) called Arun asura to set up his kingdom drove out the devas from heavens, and extended his imperial drastically over families of devas e.g. their wives. The devis (wives of devas),closing their eyes, came to Aruna asura and prayed to Goddess Parmeshwari to save them.As a result, Goddess Parmeshwari, transforming herself into a large bee with a swarm of bees, surrounded the wives of the devas. Then, the bees began to tear the chest of the demons. The powerless asuras could not fight, and died rapidly. After that, The devis (wives of devas) thanked Parmeshwari Devi for saving their chastity. Therefore, Goddess Parmeshwari got the name of 'Bhramari Devi' as the protector.

Part of body : Left Leg

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